From the CD "An Bóithrín."
This is a set of jigs and jig-like substances. My personal style is heavily influenced by bluegrass and the Scottish. A personal foible that comes from that is that I walk a thin line most days between a jig and a 2/4 march. In this set I have an Irish jig that I play in more jig-like way ("Reverend Brothers"), a Scottish jig that I tend to play like a 2/4 march ("Scatter the Mud"), and a tune that I wrote specifically to be a march that plays nicely with the jigs ("The Bonus March".)I learned "The Revered Brothers" from some friends in Portland -- Brian Walsh and Stewart Delzell. "Scatter the Mud" I learned from Gerald Trimble who was very influential in my early zouk playing. "The Bonus March" I wrote back in 2003. I was tossing about for a name (I'm horrible at naming things) and happened to be researching some things relating to the 1932 Bonus March on Washington, DC at the time. The name lent itself and became my way of playing a part in keeping the memory alive. When power is sufficiently threatened it will turn on the source of the threat, even if the threat is the constituency that power is sworn to protect.